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 Madeleine Philippe
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Pickled Chillies Share  Air Mauritius
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  1. fresh green chillies,

  2. salt equivalent to 1/3 quantity
    by volume of chillies,

  3. white vinegar

  4. clean glass jars

Pickled chillies are used as an appetiser with a wide range of Mauritian dishes. Can also be used with other dishes.

Piments confis    pickled chillies

Please note that all spoonful measures are flush spoonfuls.


  1. Obtain fresh green chillies. The small to medium ones are the best. Wash thoroughly and allow to drip dry in a collander. De-stalk the chillies by carefully removing the stems.
    Be careful. Do not rub your eyes or any other sensitive parts of your body with your chilli fingers. It will burn like fire.

  2. Sterilise clear glass jars (including the covers) by washing in hot boiling water. Allow to dry completely.

  3. Stack the chillies carefully in layers into the glass jars, until two thirds full.

  4. Pour the salt into the jar. Tap the glass jars at intervals to allow the salt to get in between the chillies. Fill the top third of the jar with salt.

  5. Pour white vinegar into the glass jar in small quantities until completely filled with the chillies, salt and vinegar.

  6. Carefully put on the tops. It is advisable if the jar covers are metallic, to use plastic wraps in between the contents and the metallic cover. This will stop the metallic cover from rusting and tainting the chillies.

  7. Place the jars in a sunny location for at least a week to allow the chillies to macerate and pickle well. The longer it is allowed to mature, the better.

  8. Enjoy as an appetiser. Perfect to use when eating canned sardines in bread.

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