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Crepes Recipes from Mauritius 



 Madeleine Philippe
Cancer Foundation (Aus) Inc

Our Services:
Food Writer

Madeleine and Clancy Philippe have written articles and contents for numerous magazines, food guides and reviews on Mauritian Cuisine, such as the "Foods and Drinks" section of the Lonely Planet Guide to Mauritius, Rodrigues and Seychelles. They are also the web master for the Caripoule Mauritian Food Blog at http://caripoule.blogspot.com/ Their web site "Recipes from Mauritius" broke new ground in 1994 and was the first web site ever created to promote Mauritian Cuisine. It has since sustained its number 1 Google rating. They have also assisted in the compilation of Mauritian food related articles published by various writers and marketing agencies.

They have also researched the original recipes from which many of today's Mauritian dishes originated from. This has led to many interesting discoveries in relation to the close and emotional relationship between the settlement history of Mauritius and the evolution of Mauritian Cuisine. This emotional relationship is important as there is nothing like good Mauritian food on the table to bring Mauritians together, wherever they may be worldwide.
Restaurant Reviews
Restaurant owners searching for new style cooking, regularly contact Madeleine and Clancy for guidance on adapting and including Mauritian dishes on their menu. It is just amazing how Mauritian cuisine has crossed frontiers with Mauritian expatriates and gained new adepts. They have also been invited to undertake restaurant reviews and outline  recommendations for improvement in customer service, table manners and menu presentation. They have also been invited on many occasions to offer recommendations to renowned chefs worldwide on the choice of Mauritian dishes for inclusion on the menu for international food festivals.

Recipe Writing

Madeleine and Clancy also offer guidance in recipe writing. Cooking techniques, choice of quality ingredients and effective food preparation techniques are identified to ensure that the prepared recipes can be used equally well by experts and beginners alike. The importance of good ingredients and their freshness cannot be understated. The feedback received from users of our recipes and visitors to our web site at http://ile-maurice.tripod over the last 16 years has been of immense value.

Madeleine, Clancy and their associates can advise upon any facet of Mauritian Cuisine, ranging from cooking techniques through the history of Mauritian cuisine to the choice of dishes on the menu. Contact us on +61 3 412 018 505  or  clancy@cjp.net


Copyright Notice: Please be advised that permission is granted to viewers of these recipe pages to print purchased recipes only for their own personal use. Permission is not given for webmasters of other web sites to copy any of the recipes for redisplay on their web sites. Webmasters are however free to provide links to this recipe page, if they so desire. Permission may be given for the use of  sample recipes for  promotional purposes. Contact Madeleine Philippe with your request.
Designed and compiled by Madeleine and Clancy Philippe. Information contained in this homepage is given as supplied and in good faith. No responsibility is taken for any losses or misgivings which may arise from the use of any supplied information. We welcome emails bringing to our attention any inaccuracies or suggestions for improvement.