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 Madeleine Philippe
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Safe Cooking
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When cooking meats in the barbeque, oven and smoker, always make sure that your meats are thoroughly cooked.

Meat comes from animals that can carry bacteria which might make us sick. To avoid this, the safe storage of  meats to prevent the growth of any bacteria that may be present is important.


Bacteria can multiply rapidly and cause food to spoil or make it unsafe. Bacteria can produce the slime, toxins, off colours and odours associated with food spoilage. However, disease-causing bacteria can grow without changing the smell, colour or texture of the food.

Meat thermometer

For this reason, keeping meat cold enough to prevent bacterial growth (or heating it to a temperature which kills them) is critical. Food spoilage bacteria grow best at environmental temperatures of 20° to 38°C. They will grow more slowly at temperatures above and below this temperature range. Your refrigerator should be between 1° and 5°C, because most bacteria grow extremely slowly, if at all, in this range. Check the temperature of your refrigerator with a thermometer even if your refrigerator is new.


Use a meat thermometer to check that the meat/fish in your roast, barbeques, smoker and any other cooking devices is adequately cooked. Avoid eating foods which have been left exposed for more than 2 hours between 5°C and 60°C.     


Safe cooking temperatures:

Meat well done                 77°C

Reheating foods               75°C

Poultry                             74°C

Meat medium cooked       71°C

Sausages                          71°C

Pork/lamb                        71°C

Fish & other seafoods       63°C

Meat medium rare            60°C

Meat rare                         52°C    


This guide is provided in good faith. We cannot take any responsibility for any unintended consequences/issues that may arise from the use of these guidelines.


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