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Conversion Tables Share 

Air Mauritius
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Conversion Tables 


 All measures are flush spoonfuls, not heaped.

Metric Imperial Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
15g ½ oz 30ml 1 fluid oz 3mm 1/8 in
30g 1 oz 60ml 2 fluid oz 6mm ¼ in
60g 2 oz 100ml 3 fluid oz 1cm ½ in
90g 3 oz 125ml 4 fluid oz 2cm ¾ in
100g 3 ½ oz 150ml 5 fluid oz 2.5cm 1 in
125g 4 oz (1/4 lb)   (1/4 pint/1gill) 5cm 2 in
155g 5 oz 185ml 6 fluid oz 6cm 2 ½ in
185g 6 oz 250ml 8 fluid oz 8cm 3 in
220g 7 oz 300ml 10 fluid oz 10cm 4 in
250g 8 oz (1/2 lb)   (1/2 pint) 13cm 5 in
280g 9 oz 500ml 16 fluid oz 15cm 6 in
315g 10 oz 750ml 24 fluid oz 18cm 7 in
345g 11 oz 1000ml 32 fluid oz 20cm 8 in
375g 12 oz (3/4 lb) (1 litre) (1 ¾ pints) 23cm 9 in
440g 14 oz     25cm 10 in
470g 15 oz     28cm 11 in
500g 16 oz (1lb)     30cm 12 in (1ft)

Oven Temperatures*

  C (Celsius) F (Fahrenheit) Gas Mark
Very slow 120 250 1
Slow 150 300 2
Moderately slow 160 325 3
Moderate 180 350 4
Moderately hot 190 375 5
Hot 200 400 6
Very hot 230 450 7

Microwave Power Levels**

All microwave ovens are different. They vary in size and power. Check the chart below to ensure that you are using the correct power level regardless of which brand microwave you own.

Output Wattage Power Level % Power
850 - 800 watts High 100%
650 watts Medium High 70%
500 watts Medium 50 – 60%
350 watts Medium Low/Defrost 30%
160 watts Low 20%
90 watts Very Low 10%


* Source: Catherine Saxelby’s Busy Body Cookbook, Hodder & Stoughton 1996
** Source: Janelle Bloom’s Microwave Cookbook, Viking 1996
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